Experian Check Your Credit Score

Experian is globally recognized company that avails maximum number of valuable finance related tools for customers. This is one of the best and innovative companies in India and across the world too. Company is offering its services as per regulation of RBI and now getting information about credit score become quite easy and robust. This is first company that got the license as per credit companies regulation act 2005 and operate its two companies in India,

a. Experian Services Private Limited
b. Experian Credit Information Company Private Limited

Experian is ISO 27000:2013 certified company and always offers information as per guideline of credit companies regulation act 2005. Above describe company is associated with more than 3000 financial institutions, telecom companies, reputed public sector banks, reputed micro finance institutions along with non banking agencies.

Function and Features of Experian

Apart from providing valuable business management tools, company offers services outlined below
a. Provide guide to avoid the condition of fraud.
b. Avails business marketing related tricks for new businessman.
c. Offers information to individuals that will be helpful to avoid any threat.
d. Helps in promotion of automated decision making.

Services Offered by Experian

1.Member Services: Member Related Services are Specified below:
a. Ensure fraud related to customers.
b. Accessing to Clint report and give information about credit risk.
c. Offers maximum services to customers to boost the report score of customer.
d. Offer helps customers to recover from their bad debit habits.

2.Consumer Services: Services are outlined below
a. Provide monthly credit information related report to customers.
b. Always ensure that report is error free.
c. Help customers to understand the report properly.
d. Bring the information about current status of Clint.
e. Offers one of the most secured and authentic reports to customers.
f. Help customers to become smarter while financial decisions.

Additional Services Offered by Experian

1. Decision Analytics: Company offers startups in analytics which is quite integral part of any organization. It offers services in sectors like insurance, automobile, telecommunication, financial services, utilities and others.

2. Debt Management: Company help customers to manage their account as per market demand and offer them most effective and valuable tools to so in efficient way.

3. Life Cycle Management of Customer: Company offers maximum utility tools that help customer to manage their budget and credit and plan their life accordingly.

4. Fraud Management: Products launched by the Experian are quite authentic and avoid all the financial threat belongs to customers and makes finance management much safe and robust.

5. Credit Risk Management: Experian follow latest, innovative approach towards risk management. By using these tips customers can get information about their poor debt score and management.