Vijaya Bank Credit Card

Vijaya Bank Credit Card

Vijaya Bank was established in 1931 headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Today, the bank is recognized among the top leading public sector banks in India. Currently, the bank has its 1767 branches and 1500+ ATMS spread across the country.

The bank offers a wide range of financial products and services like Vijaya Bank Credit Card to meet specific lifestyle needs of every individual. Among all the products and services, credit cards are broadly popular due to its amazing features and great reward program. The bank has divided its credit cards in two categories, one is domestic and the other is global. Cardholders can utilize these cards to meet certain lifestyle needs and earn reward points on every card usage.

Features of domestic credit card

• This card is issued to the existing Vijaya bank account holders only
• Both salaried and non-salaried class can fill the Vijaya bank credit card application form, but, salaried class should have an annual income of at least Rs.6 lakhs, while non-salaried applicants should have an annual income of Rs.5 lakhs.
• The minimum credit limit on the card is Rs.50000 and maximum up to Rs.75000.
• Cash withdrawal limit up to Rs.25000 or 50% of the available credit limit, whichever is lower
• Cash withdrawal limit on add-on cards is Rs.2500 only
• A deposit of Rs.1 lakh should be maintained by the cardholder for 2 years

Domestic credit cards

a. VISA Classic Credit Card
b. MasterCard Classic Credit Card
c. Vijaya Platinum Card
d. Vijaya Gold Credit Card

Features of Global credit cards

• The cardholder gets an insurance cover against fraudulent usage and card lost
• The card is valid for three years from the date of issuance
• Cash withdrawal limit of up to Rs.50000 or 50% of the available credit limit, whichever is lower
• Interest free credit period of up to 50 days
• Monthly outstanding bills can be paid using the revolving credit facility
• Credit limit up to Rs.5 lakhs
• An applicant has to manage an average savings account balance of Rs.50000 in last 6 months

Global credit cards

a. MasterCard Global Credit Card
b. VISA Classic International Card
c. VISA City Specific Cards
d. VISA Doctors Card
e. VISA Nurses Card

Vijaya bank credit card apply online

Any individual wishing to manage their income and expenses perfectly, can apply for Vijaya credit cards, but, to get an approval, it is important that the applicant meets certain eligibility criteria of the bank.

• Must hold an account with the bank
• For doctor’s credit card, an applicant should have qualified and be a registered medical practitioner, while for nurse credit card, an applicant should be a permanent employee of recognized medical institution or hospital.
• Salaried applicants should have an annual income of at least Rs.60000 and Rs.50000 for self-employed applicants
• For Visa Gold credit card and MasterCard global credit card, the annual income should be at least Rs.1 lakh and Rs.1.5 lakhs for non-salaried and salaried applicants, respectively.