RBL Credit Card

RBL Bank Credit Card

RBL bank avails various cards with different features and facility for customers. RBL is abbreviation of Ratnkar Bank Limited and working towards secure and easy banking system. With each card user will get cash back offers, discounts as per customer’s eligibility and card facility. Applicants just need to fill application form along with valid documents. After successful submission bank will issue credit card to customer. Popular credit cards offered by RBL are
1. India Startup Club Credit Card includes India Startup Word Credit Card, India Startup Club Platinum Credit card.
2. Classic cards including Freedom Titanium Cash Back Card, Titanium Card, Freedom Titanium Card, Classic Platinum Card, RBL Bank Fun+ Credit Card.
3. Other Latest cards are Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank – SuperCard, Insignia Preferred Banking World Card, IGU NHS Golf World Card, RBL Bank Icon Card, Platinum Maxima Card, MoneyTap Card, Titanium Delight Card, Movies and More Card, Crownit Card, Platinum Delight Card.

Incorporated in August 1943, RBL Bank was setup as a small regional bank in Maharashtra having branches in Kolhapur and Sangli only. Initially it was founded to cater to the needs of small scale and medium scale business merchants. The bank was categorized as Scheduled Commercial Bank in August 1959 within the meaning of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. RBL Bank is also known as the NH4 Bank among the banking circles since most of its business is sourced from regions in and around the National Highway 4 (1235 kilometer long) that connects 4 out of 10 most popular cities across India.

Vishwavir Ahuja was announced as the new Managing Director & CEO of the RBL bank in July 2010 and then underwent a radical transformation to form a more vibrant and professionally governed and managed bank along with higher degree of professionalism, size, scale, and competitiveness. Its business was also revamped the management system by hiring expert professionals from the fields of banking, finance, agriculture, and other such related professions with a purpose of raising quality of the institutional services and revenues. Since then, the institution successfully managed to raise its revenues from the top investors group such as Gaja Capital, HDFC Limited, Norwest Ventures, Aditya Birla Private Equity, CDC Group Plc, IDFC Spice Fund, and ICICI Lombard General Insurance are few to mention. Today, RBL is considered among the fastest growing banks in the private sector and this position is achieved within just last 5 years since after its transformation.

Despite the successful transformation, it launched its various RBL Credit cards to enhance its customers banking experience. The credit cards are designed keeping in mind everyone’s specific need and demand. Be it traveling needs or entertainment demands, RBL bank cards has all for you.

Important Document for RBL Bank credit card

a. Passport size photograph along with valid Identity proof.
b. Documents to prove your current residence.
c. PAN card
d. Valid proof of income.
e. Last three month bank salary statement.

How to apply for RBL bank credit card

There are three way through which new person can apply for RBL credit cards:-

a. Online mode: - Just login into official portal of RBL and follow the instructions.
b. Traditional Way: - Fill application form and submit in nearest branch.
c. Through Phone: - Call to customer care executive and follow his instructions.

RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Card

a. If cardholder will use this card in 60 days from date of issue then will get 8000 rewards points.
b. 20,000 reward points as welcome bonus.
c. If cardholder will book movie ticket from BookMyShow then discount up to INR 200 or one free movie ticket.
d. Cardholder will get 5 time benefits in bill payment of dining, fuel and other bills.

RBL Platinum Delight Card

The name itself defines a lot about the RBL credit card privileges. The card is packed with exciting features and attractive offers that make an absolute delight to behold. There are lots of benefits to apply for the credit card ranging from welcome gifts to annual spend privileges and much more. Swipe the card within 60 days of its issuance and get 4000 welcome reward points. What’s more?

a. Use this card in first 60 days from date of issue and earn 4000 rewards points.
b. Use card for shopping, dining, entertainment, travel and earn 2x rewards points.
c. Cardholder will get 100% discount on fuel surcharge.
d. The customer will earn 2 reward point for spends of INR 100.

RBL Titanium Delight Card

RBL Titanium delight credit card is among the most rewarding cards designed to provide a host of exclusive services and offers where the cardholders can look forward to attractive deals such as fuel surcharge waiver, gift vouchers, reward points, and exciting discounts. Some of the top benefits of the card are:

a. Swipe this card to buy product from domestic and international locations and earn amazing bonus points and rewards.
b. If cardholder will spend more than 1 lakhs in a year, then he will get discount in annual subscription.
c. User of this card will get buy one get one on movie tickets.
d. Order pizza from dominos or pizza hut and earn discount up to 10%.

RBL IGU NHS Golf World Card

This is probably the first card that is designed for golf related transaction and activities. RBL is the first bank to do so. Cardholder will get following offers and facility
a. User of this card will get free lifetime membership of the Golf Union National Handicap Service (IGU NHS).
b. Lifetime free subscription without any condition.
c. Customer can use their rewards points at lifestyle brands, gold holidays, designer products, electronics and golf equipment.
d. Free membership in 11 premier golf clubs.
e. Cardholder will get two rewards bonus points on spends of INR 100.
f. Use your card to shop from selected partner of RBL and earn 10 rewards points.

Insignia preferred World Banking Card

a. Cardholder will get priority pass program free membership.
b. New customer will get 20,000 reward points and free travel gift vouchers worth INR 5000 as welcome gift.
c. Special facility and rewards when they will stay in globally recognize hotels such as Madarin Oriental Hotel Group, Oberoi Hotels, Four Seasons hotels, Dusit International Hotels and many more.
d. Five rewards points on spends of INR 100.
e. All time customers support to help customers instantly.

This card brings unique and exclusive banking experience to the cardholders with hand-picked rewards, luxurious hotel stays, special offers and invites, and customized online services. The card redefines prosperity with its complimentary lounge privileges, concierge services, and golfing benefits. To conduct elite experience, RBL offers net banking services for its registered customers. The card also has improved security feature to protect you against misuse, fraud, skimming, and duplication of the card.

RBL Bank Classic Platinum Card

a. User will get 4 rewards points on spends of INR 100 on international transactions.
b. Flexibility in transaction after completion of monthly transaction limit.
c. To make transaction authentic, bank sends OTP in mobile of respective customer.
d. Rewards points can be use in purchase of personalized gifts, booking of flight tickets, hotels stays, purchase of gadgets and other shopping products including mobile recharge.
e. On spends of INR 100 cardholder will get 2 rewards points.


This blockbuster credit card is specifically designed for movie lovers and for one who love to explore different dining cuisine flavors. Applicants can check their RBL credit card eligibility online and can apply for the card to earn up to 20 reward points for every spent of Rs.100 on movie tickets and dining on weekends. Also, get fuel surcharge waiver, bonus rewards, and lounge access for an annual fee of just Rs.3000.

RBL Bank Classic Rewards Card

a. Purchase grocery items, travel tickets, electronics items or shop from supermarket and earn maximum rewards points.
b. 8 rewards points on spends of INR 100.
c. Extra rewards points in case of international transaction.
d. Instant customer support to help customer to resolve their issues.


Check for your online credit card application status to grab the RBL Bank Icon Card designed to complement your lifestyle. Get the maximum benefits when used on weekends against dining and international spends. Cardholders can earn reward points up to 20 for every spent of Rs.100. Here the reward rate varies from 0.5% to 5% which is quite higher than any other bank’s reward rate. Cardholders also get golf privileges, complimentary lounge access, concierge services, and entertainment offers along with milestone benefits on annual spends.


Apply for RBL credit card because it is the most convenient way to manage and keep a balance between your income and expenses and if you are using online banking service then by login into your account all services can be utilized with ease. If you are in doubt as whether to apply for a credit card or not then here are some of the guiding points that can help you reach the final decision. Go through the points mentioned below to have a clear vision regarding the privileges of the RBL cards.

• Go cashless
While carrying cash there is a risk of cash burglary. Go cashless with a plastic card which can be blocked instantly even if gets card gets lost. Just call to the RBL toll free number and request a card block so that your cash remains secured even if the card is lost. But, the same cannot be done if cash is lost. RBL Bank has the best security protection on the cards to protect you even card lost from fraudulent transactions.

• Speed
Yes, of course, there is no doubt with this point. Credit card transactions are faster than cash deals. Suppose, you desire to have that newly launched smart phone but, don’t have enough savings to buy one, what will you do now? Wait until the model gets out of stock? No, you will not want that to happen for sure. Here, credit cards can support your desires without making you wait longer. Just swipe your card and grab your favorite smart phone and pay for it all in one go. Pay back the transacted amount to the bank in easy monthly installments at low rate of interest. However, make sure to pay all the EMIs on the due dates to avoid any penalty. Any penalty incurred will have a direct impact on your credit score.

• Earn while you spend
Here comes the most interesting part of the credit cards. Card holders can earn a smart cash back on their every spend using the card. This is the smartest way of spending where you can simultaneously earn incentives, cash backs, loyalty rewards, and bonus points which means you can make money from your every spend. If you too want to earn attractive privileges, then just apply for the RBL Credit card online, download the RBL app, login into your account and check the credit card application status online.

• Pay your outstanding credits from other banks
Cardholders can also pay their outstanding balance from other banks and re-pay the amount to RBL bank in easy monthly installments at lower rate of interest. Also, pay for your mobile bills, electricity bill, water bills, and other utility bills with RBL credit card and payback in easy installments so that you never feel burdened with essential utility expenses.

Steps to Track the Current Status of RBL Bank Credit Card Online

a. Explore http://www.rblbank.com/ for further processing.
b. Now Click on List of RBL Bank Products.
c. Click on Personal icon and click on credit card section.
d. Scroll the page and then click on button “To know your application status Click Here” and then you will be redirected into another page.
e. Now enter the reference number along with # sign and your registered mobile number.
f. Click on Submit button then your current status will be shown on screen.

Steps to Track RBL Bank Credit Card Status in Offline Mode
a. For any respective query contact at customer support number at 18001219050.
b. Queries can be sent through cardservices@rblbank.com

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