Indian Bank Credit Card

Indian Bank Credit Card

Indian bank design credit card that customer need as per their life style. Indian Bank is known for offering smart banking services across the country and making banking system easier than ever before. Customers will be free to use their credit card for domestic and international transaction with ease without any difficulty. Mostly bank imposes lowest possible interest rate along with interest free tenure of around 45 days. Active users will be liable to earn add on privileges like life and health insurance to offer financial cover in case of serious and major health related issues. Other privileges that customer can enjoy are maximum discount on online transactions while shopping, while paying hospital bills and while traveling. Benefits can be shared with family members as bank avails 4 add on cards without any add on charges.

List of Indian Bank Credit Card

a. Indian Bank Bharat Credit Card: All native of India with valid residential proof and earning at least INR 5000/- along with this user will get credit limit of INR 20000/-. If someone is looking for credit card that fulfill smaller value based transaction and to help customers bank avails 45 days interest free tenure. All enrolled credit card user will get free life insurance cover facility.

b. Indian Bank Global Classic Credit Card: Individual who earn INR 12500/- or more is eligible to apply for global classic credit card offered by the Indian bank. User of credit card will be able to get credit limit between INR 25000/- and INR 75000/-. As card is globally accepted by all major service providers, cash advance, rewards on transactions, lowest charges, complementary insurance facility along with add on cards.

c. Indian Bank Visa Business Credit Card: For all business and commercial transactions, bank avails credit card for all registered private limited companies, sole proprietary. As per regulation of bank company may apply for five credit cards and each card limit will be between INR 75000/- and INR 3 lakhs. User of this card will be eligible to utilize privileges on entertainment, repairs, travel and maintenance based activities.

d. Indian Bank Global Gold Credit Card: Someone who is willing to apply for credit card and his/her monthly income is more than INR 12500/- then individual will be eligible to apply for Indian bank global gold credit card. As with this cart customer will get credit limit between INR 75000/- and INR 3 lakhs along with this customer will enjoy add on privileges like add on card, rewards, cash back offer, complimentary insurance services, cash advance, least financial charges, global acceptance service and more.

Benefits and Features of Indian Bank Credit Card

1. Cash Back and Rewards: Spend INR 100 or more from your Indian bank credit card and as a reward 50 paisa will be credited into your account. To redeem the earned rewards minimum INR 500 must be in account of individual. As per provision of bank, individual will be free to apply for earned rewards points redemption as cash back and that bank will transfer that amount in account of respective person

2. Comprehensive Insurance Scheme: With Indian bank credit card customer will get free insurance cover, respective policy will offer life insurance in case enrolled person suffered with accident and policy will also offer cover in case of death of policy holder.

3. Global Acceptance: As per current record avails by the Indian bank more than 1.5 lakhs merchants accepts payment through card availed by the bank. Around 30 million merchant who accept visa also accept these cards. Transaction made through bharat credit card will be accepted only in India.

4. Revolving Credit: Under this facility customer will be free to pay minimum due amount and remaining bill be forwarded into next month bill and then total amount can be paid with ease.

5. Add on Cards: Bank offers 4 add on card and allow customer to share benefits of card with family members.

6. Interest Free Tenure: According to rules and regulation of bank card user will get minimum 15 days and maximum 45 days flexibility as interest free tenure. This facility will continue for longer duration if customer pay repay due amount always on time.

7. Zero Annual fees: Customer is free with this financial charge that maximum customer do.

8. Cash Advance Facility: If want to withdraw cash anytime then user will be free to deposit amount from ATM of Indian bank or other bank ATMs. User must withdraw amount from more than 5500 currently active VISA ATMs across India and 810000 ATMs across the world.

Required Documents for Indian Bank Credit Card

1. Address Proof Documents
2. Identity Proof Documents
3. Self Attested Copy of PAN Card
4. Documents to Prove Income.