Canara Bank Credit Card

Canara Bank Credit Card

Like other banks canara bank also offers credit card for its existing and new customers as per their eligibility. All cards designed with latest security features to make all transactions secure and error free. To make uses of cards even more beneficial bank avails most interesting facility to win attractive rewards along with opportunity to save maximum amount. canara bank credit card apply is one of the easiest process that bank customer can utilized to earn maximum interesting facility while performing transactions on associated stores and while booking flight ticket booking.

All available canara bank credit cards can be used not only for domestic transactions but for international transactions and thing that customer must remember that applicable benefits may vary with from location to location and per criteria specified by the respective bank. Basically avails cards for different types of utility and accessibility as per the interest of respective customer. All customers are free for canara bank credit card apply online processing to save their valuable time wasted by standing in queue. In most of the cases rewards and cash back offers things most matters is amount spent by the respective customer and earned rewards can be utilized by following the specific criteria scheduled by the bank for customers.

Types of Credit Card Offered by the Canara Bank

1. Master Credit Card
a. Gold Credit Card
b. World Credit Card
c. Standard Credit Card

2. Corporate Credit Card

3. Visa Credit Card
a. Gold Credit Card
b. Classic Credit Card

Benefits and Features of Canara Bank Credit Card

a. Internationally Accepted: Generally canara bank avails credit card for domestic use only. If customer need then bank issue card for international use and transactions. International card will be accepted by ATMs crossed the world. Companies like visa and master avails this card and is acceptable in mail order, on internet, online shopping and IVRS.

b. SMS Alert: To keep customers updated with account balance, canara bank avails free sms alert service for all registered customers.

c. No Card Lost Liability: If due to any accident you lost your card then contact to bank authorities and inform them regarding the issue. After complain registration bank will charge up to INR 1000.

d. Credit Limit: Basically credit limit rely on current income and current financial condition. As per regulation decided by the bank individual will be eligible to avail the credit limit between 30 to 50% of their income. Maximum credit that individual can avail is INR 25 lakhs.

Revolving Credit: It is responsibility of customer to pay remaining dues before last date. Bank calculates the credit interest on 5% interest rate against the total billed amount. If customer is unable to pay amount on time then request can be carry forward to next month with applicable interest rate.

f. Purchase Protection: in case of any fraud or stolen or damage and duplicate transaction then bank assure complete protection of payment made via card. Users just need to inform to bank authorities and amount will not be deducted from the card of user.

g. Interest Free Tenure: Use your card for all the applicable transactions and bank offers interest free credit facility i.e. 20 and 50 days. To avails this facility user need to pay remaining dues on time on monthly basis.

h. Complementary Baggage Insurance: Bank avails the facility of baggage insurance while traveling and currently bank offers cover of INR 25000.

i. Complementary Accident Insurance: All existing customers will get the life insurance cover along with family cover that too without any add on charges. Amount to be cover will depends on the card choose by the user.

j. Advance Cash Facility: Bank offer cash on need of customer and as per criteria of bank customer will be eligible to take 5o% of advance cash of total credit limit.

k. Rewards Points: Bank offers 2 rewards on spend of INR 100 through card and earned rewards can be redeemed online with worth of 0.25 for per reward point.

l. Special Privilege on Medical Insurance: For all canara bank credit card holder bank avails medical insurance facility for all card users in association with united India insurance company. Users can get 20-50 days interest free tenure if they will pay premiums always on time.

m. Fuel Surcharge Waiver: If user use card at fuel station to perform transaction of INR 400 or more then 2.5% surcharge will be waived off instantly. To earn add on benefits user need to spend INR 2500 monthly on transaction at petrol pumps.

n. Add on Card Facility: Privileges of cards be shared with family members but age of that member must be more than 18 years.

Why Canara Bank Credit Card

Canara bank designs credit card that may fulfill the wish list of respective customer and bank charges small amount for all these privileges. Individual who earns more than INR 1 lakh annually will be eligible to apply for canara bank credit card and will be free to apply online or through traditional approach. All enrolled customers will be able to earn decent credit limit, flexible interest free tenure, opportunity to earn maximum rewards points with their respective card.

Rewards by Canara Bank Credit Card

Users will be rewarded by reward points against the amount they will spend by using their card. If user spends INR 100 at associated stores then 2 reward points will be added into account of customer. For all rewards points related details user need to enroll them into with their valid details, remember one thing that rewards program account will be activated only after creation of their rewards points account. Maxgotmore scheme allow users to earn extra rewards and to redeem earned rewards points user need to login into their account, as required information will be available there. User must remember that any cancelled transaction, dispute in transaction, online amount transaction, card charges, transaction of foreign currency, applicable interest rate, cash withdrawal will not be part of privilege based scheme.

Eligibility for Canara Bank Credit Card

As per privileges offered by card, bank ask to fulfill the mandatory eligibility criteria as per their regulations

Corporate Card

a. All companies and registered firms who have credit limit with canara bank along with S1 and S2 status.
b. Member affiliate banks are also eligible for the respective privileges.
c. If company do not have credit limit based factor then must have excellent dealing records in last one year.

Global and Domestic Cards

a. Applicant must have PAN Card.
b. Applicant or individual must have sufficient banking flexibility and relationship.
c. Regarding SMS alert service, provide valid mobile number.
d. Bank will offer preference if you have account in any branch of canara bank.
e. Before taking final call bank will validate the credit history.
f. Minimum INR 1 lakh income is mandatory before applying for canara bank credit card online.