Bandhan Bank Credit Card

Bandhan Bank Credit Card

Bandhan Financial Services Limited who starts its operation in 2001, is parent company of bandhan bank, establish in 2015. Bank is showing its presence across the country through its 500 branches and continuously trying to expand its presence and services to maximum number of customers. This is first bank after independence, headquartered to be in eastern India. Due to its interactive interest rate this is one of the recognized credit card providers in market. Bandhan bank avails credit card for life style, financial needs, shopping, rewards and other needs to make things easier.

Bandhan Bank Credit Card

1. Bandhan Bank Kisan Credit Card: As we know that kisan and agriculture are integral part of Indian economy and play vital role in growth of country. Kisan credit card is suitable for someone who belongs to this category. User of card will get maximum reward on spends in different category.

Eligibility Factors of Bandhan Bank Credit Card

a. Nationality: Applicant can be resident of India; even NRI can apply for credit card.
b. Age: To apply for this, applicant minimum age should be 23 years and maximum age must be under 60 years.
c. Income: Applicant income must be as per criteria specified by the bank.

Required Documents for Bandhan Bank Credit Card

a. Documents to prove identity and residential address of applicant.
b. Salary slip, bank statement, ITR filing documents to prove your income.
c. Self attested copy of PAN card.
d. Filled application form along with recently clicked passport size photograph.

Bandhan Bank Credit Card Charges and Fees

a. Late Payment Charges: If user fails to repay due amount before last date then late payment charges will be imposed by bank. Currently bank charges around 15% against due amount.

b. Annual Subscription Fees: Card user will have to pay applicable charges for main card along with add on cards. Fees or charges may vary as per market requirement and bank policy.

c. Cash Advance Fees: Bank avails the facility to withdraw amount in India as well as abroad. For this service or facility bank charges around INR 300 or 2% of total amount against each transaction.

Factors that Affect Eligibility Criteria of Bandhan Bank Credit Card

a. Credit History of the Applicant: Poor credit history of applicant is one of the main reasons of rejection of application of individual. As all credit card provider takes it as complimentary factor regarding this facility.

b. Income of Applicant: To avail credit card income of individual must be according to standard set by respective bank. Income is vital factor to ensure bank about repayment ability of individual.

c. Age of Applicant: it is understood that using credit card is a big responsibility and user must sensible enough to handle the requirement of specific card. To ensure all these facts bank take time before approving users request.

d. Nationality of Applicant: Resident of India and NRI can apply for card.