Citi Bank

Citibank is one of the reputed and globally diversified financial institutions, offering services since 1988. Bank is offering services in more than 107 countries through its approximately 2000 offices. This is one stop destination to get facilities like insurance, credit card, loan and personal banking quite easily. In India bank is offering services through its 44 branches in over 31 cities and more than 700 ATMs. Bank always avails user friendly offers to make their banking experience simple and interesting.

Products of Citibank

Personal loan
Credit Card
Online Banking
Security Tips

Citibank Banking Benefits

Online Banking Facility
Mobile and Tablet Banking Facility
CitiPhone Banking.
Worldwide ATMs.
In-Person Banking.

Citibank Credit Card Benefits

Travel Benefits
Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance
Worldwide Car Rental Insurance
Travel Notification Facility.
Lost Wallet Services.
Travel and Emergency Assistance for Card Users.
EMV Chip Technology Integrated
Interruption protection and Trip Cancellation.
Citi Concierge

Shopping Benefits
Citi Price Rewind
Extended Warranty.
90 Day Return Protection
Virtual Account Numbers
Citi Master Pass
RS. 0 liabilities on unauthorized charges.
Theft and Damage Purchase Protection.

Account and Credit Protection
Citi Quick Lock Facility
FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) Score to Calculate Credit Card Eligibility.
Citi Identity Theft Solution.
Citi Alerting Facility.
Citi Mobile App
Fraud Early Warning
Virtual Account Number Facility
E-communication and Paperless Statement